Twitter Tutorials


How to get total twitter followers

Learn how to get total twitter followers of a giver twitter user.

Tweet from your website with tmhOAut

Send Tweets from your website directly to Twitter without the usual signing in on Twitter method.

One line jQuery Twitter like dynamic character counter function

As you know only 140 characters are allowed to be sent in on twitter status and this component will count the character that the current user is key-ing and will show the remaining characters out the 140 limit. This will obviously also won't allow any further character input once the limit is reached.

How to retrieve a single access token in Twitter with tmhOAut

I will now proceed and use our previously gathered consumer_key and consumer_secret to retrieve a single access token - i.e. access token and oauth_token_secret (collectively, an "access token").

Less Than a Minute Twitter Application Registration

I will let you know how I register my Twitter Application in less than a minute.

How to create a panoramic lake scene in Photoshop

In this Photoshop Tutorial we will learn how to create a lake scene featuring a lady in it. We will learn some techniques in manipulating and combinin...

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